Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blog traffic - keyword research

In my earlier posts I have told that one need to do keyword research for the subject of his/her blog. And try to find popular keywords. Then after finding this keyword one should use it in domain name ,title etc as I have said in my earlier post.

Now how to do this keyword research ? What are the free tools available ?

Please check following sites for keyword research.

http://www.wordtracker.com/index.html ( go for free trial)




After finding the keywords , you need not select the most popular one , because sometimes you can not get top ranking for that keyword. So you need to choose smartly among the popular keywords. For this wordtracker.com will be useful.

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genny said...

hi you have interesting blog and its useful.

Vienne said...

Good insight. I'll check out all these key word sites. Thanks, Vienne

FunZone said...

hi its really helpful blog


GoogleMailer said...

Thanks a lot, This blog is really educative.

I still have a problem adding php, cgi, mysql, etc.. scripts to my blog. To the best of my knowledge, blogger allows only java and html scripts.
I was thinking of how it would be possible to host your script on a webhost that supports php, cgi, mysql etc... And then link it to your blog. [ Eg web form for login data on your blog hosted on a webhost and is displayed on the blog ] or [an SMS script for sending SMS hosted on a webhost and displayed on the blog].

#1 said...

good info..keep posting