Friday, September 21, 2007

Blog Traffic - Title optimization widget

In my previous post on title optimization , I discussed about that title of the post should get displayed as Post title + Blog title to get better search engine ranking.

I found one such widget at It is for blogspot users.

After installing this your post title will get displayed as Post title + Blog title.

But I also found one problem with this widget i.e. after installing this widget when I go to Layout and try shifting the position of page elements and click save , it does not save the changes.

Please do not use this widget for title optimization , if you already have good search engine ranking.


onwebcheck said...

Interessting poste here - thank you for dropping.

Alan said...

so have you found a widget that will change to post title + blog title without killing your ability to rearrange page elements? I am constantly adding new page elements and having to rearrange things so it wouldn't work for me I don't think

Anonymous said...

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Oziescom said...

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