Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jump start your blog

I was active last two days on blogcatalog and discussing blog promotions also. It was good experience and was nice to talk to bloggers. I visited many blogs and found that they have missed few basic things related to their blog optimization and promotions. So I felt I should write this post to boost their blog and jump start their blog.

1)Please do keyword research for the subject of your blog. For which keywords you want your blog to be ranked high in search engines ? Find out popular keyword.
2) Try to use this keyword in domain name / blog name.
3) Use this keyword in Title and description of your blog.
4) Submit your blog to good top blog directories. Do not submit to paid one.
5) Optimize pictures/images on your blog by hyper linking them to your blog with your keyword in ALT and TITLE tag.
6) Use keyword in content of the post, do not over do it. Convert those keywords in to hyper link with TITLE tag. See blog promotions word in first line of this post.
7) When visitors comes to your blog he is looking for some content so please see that in first screen of the blog, content of your recent post is visible and not ad or something else.
As 70% user have 1024 x 768 screen, check visibility in that resolution and also in 800 X 600 screen resolution. If for any reason loading of the blog is slower please find out why it is so, many times because we load images from other source so correct it.
8) Will add more tips .......

Few tips above need more explanation so I will add it soon e.g. sites for doing keyword research, how to add hyper link, ALT tag etc.

To be continued.....

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Creative Blogger said...

Hi Umesh, great blog you have here, I will tune in as I need the help! thanks

Missladybug said...

Excellent...fantastic blog. I will continue to follow!

Mitesh Asher said...

good job!

BillyWarhol said...

Some Excellent Tips Dude!!


Keep up the Great Work!!

Bridal Shower Game Guru said...

Hi, if you happen to view this comment, maybe you could help me with this: What is your definition of a popular keyword phrase? I mean, what is the ration you look for when it comes to searches done for the keyword phrase and number of websites with sites optimized for that phrase? Thanks.

Subspeciez said...

interesting ideas. you may also try digg or

or my blog Quite Clever

Samrath said...

Hi Umesh. I was just going through your blog...I find it quote interesting, and I was looking for the follow-up on this particular article, but I couldn't find it. Could you help me with that.

Also, I am seriously considering a starting my own blog, are there any basic tips you could give me about getting started, or recommend which site to use for blogging?
I do not have any previous background in IT or HTML, is that necessary to have a successful blog?