Monday, September 17, 2007

What is title optimization

There are two type of titles 1) Blog title and 2) Post title

When we visit main url of the blog , what we see on top most line of browser is blog's title and when we click on individual post this line displays post title.

In my earlier posts , I have mentioned that your chosen keyword should be used in post title as well as blog title to get better search engine ranking.The earlier the keyword is found in title , more marks you get for ranking. Please do not edit your old titles for optimization.

But in case of blogspot blogs, the title of the post is displayed as Blog title + Post title.
In case of wordpress blogs the title of the post is displayed as Post title + Blog title.
In case of normal website individual title of the page is displayed without adding title of the main website. In case of blogs, posts are webpages ,but title is displayed differently (as mentioned above) and hence we loose marks during search engine ranking.

So for blogspot blogs we need some technique or widget by which we can display post title as Post title + Blog title i.e. reverse of normal way.

If you have a blogspot blog please click on one of the post to find out how title is displayed, then click on posts of this blog to find how title is displayed.

So I will add a widget here to do this title optimization , it also has a problem which i will discuss.

Please note that we are talking of post title and not title tag. It is a html tag which I will discuss in some other upcoming post.

to be continued ...........

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