Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogger Help

From the comments I receive on this blog , I feel my posts are useful to bloggers. That was the main intention of starting this blog and I get encouraged by this comments and I do receive different queries asking for different types of blog related help.
So I thought of starting a Blogger help section here where you can ask any help related to your blog .You can also answer other bloggers question. This way we will be able to help more and more blogger to grow and succeed .

Following are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How to increase my blog income ? Or make money online ?
2) How to increase my blogs traffic ?
3) How to add google adsense in post body ?
4) How to get higher search engine ranking ?
5) My blog is not listed in search engine.
6) All my posts/pages are not there in google /yahoo search engine index.
7) How to use Stumble upon or Digg for getting more traffic.
8) What is title optimization?
9) How to optimize google adsense on my blog?
10) Which advertising or affiliate program I should use ?
11) What are popular keywords for my blog ?
12) Where can I get free blogger template ?
13) How to use webmaster tools?

and more ...
I have already answered some of this by writing posts on this blog and by email.

So please fell free to ask your question here. Or leave your comment here.

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RICHGUY said...

I really like your blog- have to check on it more often. If you are interested in
maybe you should have a look at my blog :)

Agung Prasetiawan, ST said...

Thank you so much for your kind Tips and Trick. And Good to know your idea. I also manage my online business blog at blogger with url: please visit my blog sometimes....

ads said...

Hi Umesh,

Thanks for showing help, i just have doubts on how to add google adsense, please help me out with it.


umesh said...


Please give your blog url.
Or is the link multimedia is your website?

Marcy said...

Great idea.., very informative post.
I would like to drop a line here with regards adsence.
how to set-up adsense is very easy.
first you have to create a google account and follow this link

Anonymous said...

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Adrienne Manson said...

Well now I learn you can put adsense anwhere in your post. Great information, and will have to bookmark your blog. Thanks for dropping by the discussion. Let me read your blog.

bestonline323 said...

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simran said...

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