Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to shift to custom domain

You must have noticed the new domain name for this blog and I thought the whole experience will be useful to my blogger friends and hence writing this post.

You can buy domain name of yours from any domain registering company , the pricing are ranging from $5 to $10 (lees with hosting packages) per year. But if you buy from any company other than google/blogger dashboard than you need to change CNAME record in the domain name control panel.

Now how to shift to custom domain using our blogger dashboard ?

From dashboard go to settings> publishing > then click on switch to custom domain >
Now you have to choose the domain name , the extension available are .com, .org , .net, .biz, .info

Please see the picture below ( click to enlarge )

After choosing the domain name , you have to make the sign up and payment procedure.

Your custom domain name starts working within few minutes . (my experience) .

Now what are the advantages and disadvantage of shifting to custom domain ?

Benefits or advantages of shifting to custom domain

1) You get your unique identity for your blog owned by you. Makes you also feel little better.
2) You get more and better advertisers . You may get higher paying cpc or ppc ads .
3) Many advertising network programs do not allow publishers with free domain , so you get approved there.

As your old url will be there in search engines , blog directories etc. what about the traffic coming from all these sources to your old url ? There is no need to worry as blogger / blogspot gives you facility of redirecting all your traffic to new custom doamin url .


Are there any ? yes

You have all you internal and external links in posts, blog directories etc. pointing to your old url ( so it is better to change it to your new custom domain name ( . Please check your blog is pointing to or and use the new url accordingly. it is important from search engine point of view.

Now think of what happens to your search engine entries and ranking and also alexa rankings ?

Awaiting your comments ....


LC David said...

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Charlie said...

Great blog! Thanks for all the useful tips!

Sahabat said...

Nice blog..I like your blog, really..!
Thanks for your articles...

joe said...

How about if I already have a .com domain? How can I transfer all my content from x.blogspot to

Chandan said...

Your point is really to be noted.

joe said...

I resolved the issue. I have a .ro domain on a Wordpress interface. So...I went to Tools and found an option to copy data from Blogspot. Before I did that, I logged in to Blogger, went to Authorizations and added my .ro ID so I can copy stuff from Blogspot to the domain.

Ibn Hanif said...

Thank you, Umesh.
I have already done it.
I did not purchased the domain name from Blogger. Therefore, I had to do a little hard work in the DNS control panel. My domain providers were not of aware the idea of custom domains.
Thanks for the details.

Tomate Joyeuse said...

I bought a domain for my blog. My former page rank was 3 and it droops to zero. I wonder whether it would not better to go back to the previous address.

Does a domain name has an influence of the traffic of the blog ?